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Property Management

DAXS LLC is a full service Property Management organization that provides superior property management services. The length of our workday is dictated by the completion of responsibilities to our clients, not hands on a clock. We ensure all our clients\' properties will be operated with the utmost efficiency, care and professionalism in a way that maximizes their investment return.


DAXS LLC focuses on providing business solutions to our clients investment goals. We make sure that through our personalized service we provide the right formula to ensure the most practical and cost effective decisions in the Real Estate landscape. Our team is comprised of professionals that include attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, Property Managers and financial institution representatives.

At DAXS LLC we perform traditional and advanced services as a property management:

  • IRS Code 1031 exchanges, tax assessments appeals
  • Forecasting and Financial Planning for the tax year end
  • Development of property level budgeting and review process
  • Coordination with property managers to develop property budgets and monitor performance during the year
  • Prepare covenant test to comply with lender reporting requirements
  • Assist in refinancing through direct lenders.


Daxs LLC champions the development of secured business investment transactions that offer transparency, firm wide risk management, and returns in instances over 10%. We do not take physical possession of the invested funds. The decision is based on strategic plan that goes through the channel of our team for evaluation and consideration. At Daxs LLC we generate a development deal that focuses on multi-family, residential projects, including real –estate market analysis.

Asset Management

DAXS LLC has a unique means of analyzing the target results of our clientele. We engineer systems that facilitate budget preparation to enable more effective cost management, analysis of sales and market trends. Our team creates and maintains the corporate earnings models which are utilized to provide analysts with earnings estimates and senior management with earnings impact of potential transaction as well as forecasting and financial planning for tax consequences.

We differ from our competitors by delivering personalized service that is visible, tangible and with quantifiable results. Try us and experience firsthand the superior service that has earned DAXS LLC an outstanding reputation among New York City's Property Management.